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Construction and the Productivity Gap

by Elisa Meyer on 2018-06-04 1:04pm

It should be no surprise to those connected to the construction industry that the industry is seeing a shortage of skilled labor We’ve told you about it over, and over, and over...

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Hi Tech Tools for Today's Contractor

by Chuck Rehdorf on 2018-03-27 3:44pm

Image credit: wikimedia commons The world is moving faster, and if you’re in the construction field, sometimes it feels like it’s moving so fast it’s about to run us over Contractors have always been an interesting lot when it comes to new technologies...

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Making the Most of What We Have

by Joel Harper on 2018-02-06 3:54pm

Image by: Brandon Lim What do we do with buildings that have outlived their usefulness? At one time, there was only one answer to this question: demolition and disposal of the remains in a landfill However, that is not necessarily the only option anymore...

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The Co-Living Movement: Is it Here to Stay?

by Karla Allen on 2017-11-15 1:23pm

The current trend in housing? Co-living, either for profit or not, could be the next big opportunity for contractors Since it seems like everyone is stepping up to the co-living bar, (thank you Airbnb and Uber for making it okay to hang out with total strangers in their houses and cars), let’s take a look at two of the populations of co-living inhabitants where forward-thinking contractors could discover their future niche - retiring Baby Boomers and up-and-coming Millennials...

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The Infrastructure Crisis

by Elisa Meyer on 2017-10-04 3:28pm

  Pixabay   Over the past decade, there has been a growing awareness of a problem looming over America: our crumbling infrastructure Although politicians are quick to point fingers (to no one’s surprise), this is a bipartisan issue...

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